Nicole offers private training for Usui Reiki Certifications, levels I-Reiki Master Teacher, and for Beginning Journeying Skills

Usui Reiki Training

Nicole’s Reiki classes are very different than what you would get in a traditional American Reiki Course. They are similar to those taught in a European setting with the addition of Native American Healing techniques. Although Nicole has gone through the traditional training, she has also learned many other forms of energy work and incorporates them all into her lessons. As a shamanic practitioner she strongly believes in the use of journey work, as well as working with the elements. This strengthens our intuition, meditative practice, and gives us a greater understanding of how energy moves through each individual. With this said, at the end of her course you will receive an Usui Reiki Certification just like in a traditional course.

Beginning Journeying Skills

The shamanic journey is the most common practice of native traditions. The journey is induced by singing bowls, rhythmic drumming, or other percussion sounds, such as a rattle. The uses of shamanic journeying are many: such as diagnosing or treating illness, acquisition of power through interacting and developing relationships with spirits, i.e., power animals, spiritual teachers/guides and angels. It is vital that the shaman maintain a relationship with their spiritual helpers as to receive instruction and information to help the client.

The Shaman's power is based on the ability to be in two worlds simultaneously. The experience in the shaman's universe is the existence of three worlds: upper, middle and lower, which are joined in relationship by spiritual energy more than by physical properties. As one journeys through these realms, and comes back to share their vision, it is the Shaman's duty to help translate spirit’s metaphors and bring understanding to client.

Nicole will guide you through a series of exercises and journeys and teach you to develop these skills during a Beginning Journeying class.

Book a class to be held in your own home, invite friends and family interested in learning/developing their energy skills, or have a one on one class.